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Service Group R&D is an innovative Italian business, created in 2016 with the goal of promoting and sustaining industrial innovation in all its forms. We employ highly qualified internal and external personnel, including economists, engineers, and researchers, and collaborate with renowned research organizations and engineering design studios. We operate nationwide, and our headquarters are located in the historic town centre of Vicenza. Service Group R&D supports your business at all stages. We follow the development of your innovative product from its embryonic phase, to the final industrialization: at first by exploring the best available technology in support of the project, then by certifying and enhancing available resources (patents, specialized know-how, and tutoring), and finally by finding the best associates to support your initial plan, and organizing the project to fully express its innovative potentialities (project management). In achieving our mission, we operate under the principle of "Blue Economy", theorized in Gunter Pauli's The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 Innovations. 100 Million Jobs (http://www.gunterpauli.com/). In this revolutionary text, the Belgian entrepreneur emphasizes how the idea of Green Economy was built on noble principles, but didn't consider the ultimate goal of labor: generating profits. For Pauli, it is possible to draw inspiration from nature to reduce pollution and create millions of jobs. The Blue Economy can be described as a business model aiming at the creation of a sustainable ecosystem, thanks to the conversion of previously wasted material into profitable goods.


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