Technology transfer

We follow the development of the product from its initial concept to the final industralization, through physical prototyping, virtual prototyping (3D printing), and developmental engineerization.

Innovative products' market analysis

With the help of highly qualified economists and innovation engineers, we examine the prospective target market of innovative products, and evaluate their potential impact and industrial appeal.


Models for plastics

Thanks to the financial support given by the European Union, we are able to offer a whole new LCA & LCC service to substain the industrial research in plastics

Consultancy services in the environmental field

With the help of our sustainability consultants we implement LCA research (Life Cycle Assessment) and create sustainability budgets, in order to assess the reduction of environmental impact through process innovation.


Project Management and Tutoring

We supervise all the aspects of R&D projects and divisions, making sure that they meet agreed terms, budgetary constraints, and deadlines.

IT Consulting

We provide businesses with advice on how to best exploit information technologies (ICT), in order to improve the efficiency of process and product innovation.


Consulenza sulla Sostenibilita'


Sustainability budgets

Our GRI-certified (Global Reporting Initiative) expert provides our clients with sustainability budgets, necessary tools in comprehending the actual impact of a business on the territory.


Life Cycle Assessment

We take into consideration the entire life-cycle of a product (including pre-production stages), in order to assess its environmental impact. This is a powerful tool at the service of the environment.


Energy Efficiency

Thanks to our energy consultants we provide cutting-edge solutions, assessing and proposing the best arrangements to enhance energy efficiency in the industrial process.